International House Volunteers Change Lives

Meet Todd Rose. During the day he teaches people how to navigate the financial markets to help them successfully manage their money. In his free time, he helps low-income immigrants learn English so they can fulfill their American dreams.
Todd's first volunteer position at International House was facilitating English conversation hour. “I found myself amazingly energized and empowered,” Todd said. As a volunteer for our citizen diplomacy efforts, he’s talked with foreign visitors about his work as a financial advisor and welcomed guests into his home for dinner and a glimpse into American culture.
Today, Todd is a volunteer tutor through our English Tutoring Program, in which he works one-on-one with an immigrant to help him or her learn English. One of Todd’s favorite students is a man from Central America who came to Charlotte fleeing a hostile government. Todd is helping him better understand the nuances and complexities of our language.
International House and volunteers like Todd are giving immigrants the tools they need to achieve their American dream. “I’m so happy to be a part of International House,” Todd said.
We are currently looking for more volunteers to help low-income immigrants learn English. If you're interested, please contact Norma Jiron at 704.333.8099 or