Anne Crotty: A Lifetime of Helping Others

For over 50 years, beginning when she was in fifth grade, Anne Lafferty Crotty has been helping international newcomers integrate into the community. She recalls one especially memorable attempt to welcome an immigrant into the United States.

"Yolanda Martino came to my school and didn't speak English," she says, remembering the little girl's name, despite the passage of time. "My teacher sent me to the library to teach her, and I tried to be kind to her, in my little 10-year-old way." .....

Source: Today's Charlotte Woman

Anne has led International House's Immigration Law Clinic since 2005, and each year helps over 250 low-income immigrants with their family reunification and naturalization needs. Anne is a member of the North Carolina Bar and has experience in legal services in Pennsylvania and private practice in North Carolina.

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