A Special Homecoming . . .

On a warm August morning, a family from Sudan was finally reunited in Charlotte. It was the end of a long and sometimes taxing journey for Theresa's family and the beginning of a much happier one. International House of Charlotte had a small part to play in this story, as well.

Originally from Sudan, Theresa Majok, her mother, and her then-infant daughter Nyiomon moved to the United States in 2004 as refugees. After six years of living here, Theresa is now a US citizen and Nyiomon is a second grader.

For the past six years, while Theresa was in the US, her husband Matthew was in Egypt. He was finally able to join his family in August 2010. In the six years that he has been away, he has only seen his daughter twice. "I am so glad to be back with my family. Seeing my daughter after all these years has been a blessing. We have been to a park close to home and I want to take her to the zoo one of these days," he said.

Theresa moved to Charlotte in December 2005 and her family now calls the Queen City home. Theresa learned about International House, with its Citizenship classes and the Ginter Immigration Law Clinic, through her friends. International House helped her obtain legal citizenship in the US and she couldn't be happier or more grateful. "I am very grateful to Anne Crotty, Laura Young and Jelena Held for their constant support and encouragement."

When asked about how it felt to be a US citizen she said "I am very happy that I am a US citizen now. Being a citizen has expedited the process for my husband, for which I am grateful. I know now that I have better opportunities and that makes me happy."