Midwood International & Cultural Center Tenants

A diverse array of tenants shares the building space and parking at Midwood International & Cultural Center (MICC). It's located at 1817 Central Avenue in the Plaza-Midwood area of Charlotte. These tenants are:

  • International House (suites 200-215)
  • Arthritis Patient Services (suite 211) website
  • Charlotte Lit (suite 302) website
  • GRAMEEN America (suites 301 & 303) website
  • Greenhorn Piano Studios (suite C 201)
  • History South (suite 213) website
  • Japanese Association (suite 300) website
  • Julie Dean Voice (suite 202) website
  • Language Academy (suites 205 & 206) website
  • League of Women Voters (suite 210) website
  • The Light Factory (suite 200) website
  • NC Homestudies (suite C 204) website
  • Watershed Church (suites 101-105) website

The center is located in the former Midwood High School, and there are spaces available. To learn more, contact Logan Bennett at 704 609-4599.

The Midwood International & Cultural Center Auditorium can be rented by community groups for special events. To inquire about rates and availability, please contact Nina at 704-333-8099, ext. 117 or nsaralidze@ihclt.org.

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