Upcoming Home Hosting Opportunities:

AUG 13-27  Iraqi Youth Ambassadors (15 high school students) will attend meetings and talks to learn about the importance of social diversity and inclusion in communities.

OCT 27 - NOV 4
The 2017 Open World Program will focus on emerging political, civic, and community leaders from the national, regional, and local levels, and will put a strong emphasis on acquainting participants with American lawmakers and legislative functions and processes at different levels of government; helping develop new, or further existing, networks and/or partnerships between delegates and their U.S. counterparts

We are looking for individuals and families to welcome these guests into your homes, serve as cultural ambassadors, assist with transportation on the weekdays with drop-offs around 9:00 am and pick-ups around 5:00pm (carpools can be arranged) as well as provide breakfast and dinner. A Home Host Orientation will be arranged prior to your guest's arrival.

For further questions, please contact
Johnelle Causwell at jcauswell@ihclt.org
(704) 342-2248 ext. 121

In partnership with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development, International House plays an important role in America's citizen diplomacy efforts.

When guests visit the Charlotte area as part of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), Community Connections or Open World, they take tours, participate in symposiums, and socialize at sites and organizations in the Charlotte area that are relevant to their interest or trip focus. The role of International House is to establish their itinerary and host the guests. Our Home Hosts provide accommodations in their homes and transportation.

Guests are students, business people and civic leaders. Stays vary from a few days to a few weeks.

We are looking for individuals and families to welcome a guest for a portion or full duration of the guest’s stay. A Home Host Orientation will be arranged prior to the guest's arrival. Home Hosts are asked to:

  • Provide guest room accommodations
  • Provide breakfast and dinner
  • Transport the guest on the weekdays to and from International House (1817 Central Avenue in the Plaza-Midwood area of Charlotte), with drop off around 9 a.m. and pick-ups around 5 p.m. (Carpools can be arranged.)

If you're interested in hosting a future visitor, please use our simple Home Host / Dinner Host Interest Form, and we'll get in touch with you to provide more information.

Do you have questions about being a Home Hose or Dinner Host? Please contact:

  • Citizen Diplomacy Program Director Johnelle Causweljcauswell@ihclt.org or 704-333-8099, ext.121.

Top left, Professional Fellows from Zambia and Zimbabwe with Citizen Diplomacy Director Johnelle Causwell and former Executive Director Denise Long. Top right, Youth Ambassadors from Mexico pose after presenting a program on Mexican history and culture.


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Top left, Legislative Fellows from Pakistan present to the Charlotte Community about their work in women’s rights. Top right, an award-winning film group from Estonia visits International House offices with City Council Member John Autry.


Comments from Home Hosts

We gained a new family member. It was a very enjoyable experience.
Michelle Pozos - Jovenes en Accion 2012 Home Host

This is a tremendous opportunity for Charlotteans to understand and appreciate a different culture.
The Honorable Wayne Cooper, Honorary Consul of Mexico

Host Responsibilities

  • Participate in a Host Family Orientation
    Johnelle Causwell will meet with host families prior to the guests arrival for an orientation of the program.
  • Pick-up, Drop off: We ask that host families drop off their guests at International House (1817 Central Avenue) in the morning around 9am and pick-up them up around 5:30pm. The international visitors will be at internships or meetings during the week, close to the uptown area or at International House. It is also possible to work out carpool arrangements with other host families. We will also put together a pick-up/drop-off sheet and schedule.
  •  Meals: Host families provide breakfast and dinner each day. The guest will receive a per diem stipend which he or she can use for lunch and incidentals.
  • Cultural: Host families will be with their guests mainly in the evenings and weekends. Some group optional evening and weekend cultural activities will take place.
  • Home Sweet Home: Most importantly, we want your guest to feel part of your family, to feel at home, and for you to have a wonderful experience with your new life-long friend from across the world.
  • Dinner Hosts:  International House also arranges programming for delegations of international visitors who stay at area hotels rather than the homes of local families. These guests are particularly eager to have an opportunity to dine with a U.S. host. Dinner hosts provide a home meal for an entire international delegation or just a few individual guests.