Ginter Immigration Law Clinic

The Ginter Immigration Law Clinic at International House was created in 2002 and since its inception has focused on uniting families, serving the disadvantaged, and preventing exploitation of vulnerable immigrants. The Clinic is open to all ethnic groups, targeting the most disadvantaged cases. We help protect vulnerable immigrants from non-attorney providers who can be unqualified and are often unscrupulous. The Clinic is staffed by three Immigration Attorneys, a BIA Accredited Paralegal, and a Director of Client Services.

We provide legal representation to clients seeking US citizenship and permanent residency as well as work permits, travel documents, and replacement of lost or stolen permanent resident cards and naturalization certificates. We also represent clients seeking reunification with family members living abroad.

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How may I request help with my immigration case?

The Immigration Law Clinic serves more than two thousand clients each year and will accept new clients as time and resources allow. Making a call is the first step to determine if clinic staff can represent you. On the phone call, you will be asked to provide information about yourself and your case so that we may determine whether we can accept you as a client.
Due to high demand, we have periods when we will not be able to take new clients. Please call the clinic between 1-4pm on Tuesdays to determine if we are able to accept new cases and new clients at that time. The number to call is (704) 405-0962. No walk-ins, please. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we serve our large volume of current clients.

Who is eligible?

  • The clinic provides legal assistance in immigration matters to individuals and families of all nationalities who qualify for our services.
  • Low-income residents (those earning less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines) living in the Greater Charlotte area who qualify for some immigration benefit may be eligible for our services.
  • We also serve refugees and asylees in most cases without regard to income.
  • Clients may be required to submit some proof of income, residency in our area, and eligibility for an immigration benefit.

How much do services cost?

  • We charge nominal flat fees for our services, and these fees are 15%-25% of what you would pay for services from a private legal firm.
  • Some refugee and asylee cases are handled free of charge.
  • We are committed to serving all eligible clients regardless of their ability to pay.

What types of cases do you accept?

  • We specialize in family immigration and naturalization.
  • We also represent refugees and asylees.
  • If we determine that we are unable to help you we will make every effort to refer you to an appropriate service provider.