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Citizen Diplomacy

International House plays an important role in America’s citizen diplomacy efforts by partnering with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development to implement U.S. Government sponsored programs including the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), Community Connections, and Open World. These programs enable leaders from other countries to experience American democracy, civil society and culture.

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Our citizen diplomacy efforts in Charlotte present many unique opportunities:

We are always seeking motivated volunteers to help us plan effective programming for our international visitors. We need volunteers to help coordinate and attend meetings, put together binders, organize cultural and social outings and more. To volunteer for International House, click here.

Dinner Host
Spend a fascinating evening learning about a different culture, sharing the American way of life and making new friends by hosting a group of visitors for dinner. Dinner hosting is an ideal way to participate in citizen diplomacy and experience the exhilaration of world travel in your own dining room.

If you’re interested in hosting a few guests for dinner, please reply using our Home Host / Dinner Host Interest Form.

Home Host
You can also participate in diplomatic efforts by opening your home to an international guest. Home hosts are responsible for:

  • Transportation for the guest to International House in the morning and evening.
  • Breakfast and dinner for your guest.
  • Making your guest feel welcome.
  • Helping him or her get the most out of their experience in Charlotte.

In return, you and your family experience a new culture, promote Charlotte and the US, and make lifelong friends!

If you’re interested in home hosting, please reply using our Home Host / Dinner Host Interest Form.

To learn about one Charlotte family that hosted a student from Iraq, click here

Business Host
People come to Charlotte from around the globe to learn about American best practices and culture. You can help in this process by hosting guests at your place of business, explaining your industry and what you do, or taking them on a tour of your office. It’s a great opportunity to provide meaningful education to our guests, promote Charlotte and the US, and learn about another culture.

To host visitors, contact contact Johnelle Causwell at jcauswell@ihclt.org or at 704-333-8099, ext. 121.